Null Modem Emulator
Virtual null modem software

This tool emulates ports for serial communication, it also joins them into pairs so apps associated with ports can interact. All data directed to one is automatically read by the other.
Because all settings of physical interfaces are re-created in details, apps consider emulated ports to be equivalent to physical ones. Moreover, virtual connection provides for a more speedy data transfer as compared to physical cable.
If you get an OEM license, the tool can be built into another app and you can emulate and manage ports from there.

Issue to be solved

Say, there are applications that need to talk, i.e. to exchange information. Typically you need a dedicated port for each of them, to interact they need to be linked via null modem. You would know, however, that these days only few desktops or laptops are equipped with serial ports. What do you do then? Make use of Virtual Null Modem software.

Software solution

The software simulates ports and links them into pairs– no cables and wires will clutter your office space. Created ports’ behavior is similar to that of physical ports and you can give them names such as COM1,… COM N.
OEM For Developers
An OEM License permits you to embed Virtual Serial Port Driver technology into your own software or hardware products.

Using Null Modem Emulator in real life

Greg Seely. Industry: court reporting and closed captioning.

Q: Why did you need this software?

Greg Seely: In the court proceedings are typically transcribed by a reporter who either uses a stenographic machine to type or a speech recognition device to dictate into it. We required a viewing app that would work over network and be compatible with the existing software. The latter interfaces with the system via serial port, so we realized that having a virtual serial port would be best. We needed a utility to collect data sent to a serial port and transmit it over TCP, SSL included, to our distribution server. The initial plan was to develop our own virtual null modem software, but we later decided against it – relying on a professional solution proved to be a much better option.

Q: So how does our product work for you?

Greg Seely: The null modem emulator creates virtual ports and pairs them with the help of virtual null modem cable. Via this virtual null modem created bridge a user sends data to a specific port from their own software, e.g. their software is configured to COM5 so it outputs text in COM5, and we receive it at COM6.
Thus data gets distributed to our server software and then to the app that enables real time viewing, searching and annotating of the text received. It is possible to do it in a web browser installed on a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Q: Could you summarize the benefits provided by the software?

Greg Seely: Developing our own solution was easy thanks to the low-level interface of the software. It wraps data in our own protocol thus ensuring it is secure and protected, e.g. you need a user login and password to work with the apps.
It is fairly easy to install, configure and use the software; we have run it on different Windows versions and experienced no problems at all.
Thinking about integrating our functionality into your own industry-specific solution?
Eltima Port Virtualization Technology is just what you need. Thousands of successful companies worldwide have already experienced the undeniable benefits and advantages of powering their software and hardware products with our advanced technology.

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