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Virtual Serial Port Emulator
Emulate COM port pairs linked via virtual Null Modem

Serial Port Emulator will allow you to create virtual RS232 ports linked together in pairs via the virtual null modem connection. The absolute advantage of the virtual ports created with our software is that data transferred by the applications that open these ports on either side of the pair, is written to one virtual COM port and instantly read from another one.

Every created virtual port will be treated by the operating system and therefore any Windows software as the real COM port, meaning that it will support the same settings. When the virtual serial port pair is added, it appears in Windows Device Manager, what is more, it is automatically recreated on system boot, even before logging into your Windows user account. Virtual Serial Port Emulator can be integrated into your own application (OEM license) allowing you to create and manage virtual serial ports right from your piece of software.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO features

Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO is a useful and complete software that operates based on the functionality of Serial Port Emulator. It's a program that allows one to create virtual COM port bundles and create custom port parameters, meaning that the solution can be deployed in a range of scenarios. Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO makes it possible for you to manage real and virtual COM ports in a stress-free manner.

Splitting and Joining COM ports

Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO makes it possible to split physical serial ports such as COM 1 into multiple virtual COM ports such as COM2, COM3, COM4, etc. they show up in the system as the replica of hardware serial interface. Also, the software allows the sharing of lots of hardware serial ports among multiple applications. The serial port emulation software helps you in the linking of multiple virtual COM ports to a single real physical port. When a serial application is connected to this real serial port, it will receive data from all connected virtual COM ports at the same time.

Creating bundle connections

This standout feature which is available in the PRO version of this Virtual Serial Port Emulator allows the creation and managing of complex bundles of serial ports. This implies that you can transmit data in and out through a limitless number of physical and virtual serial interfaces. When serial data is received by the ‘IN' side, it is redirected to all COM ports at the ‘OUT' side of a bundle and vice versa.

More importantly, setting up Main Port for each side of a bundle (In/Out), makes it easy to manage hardware control lines.

Switching ports automatically

In case your application only supports a few ports, a switcher can be used. A switcher is a critical component of Virtual Serial Port Emulator PRO. This option makes it possible to connect multiple physical ports into one virtual port, and then in the required app, set up a switcher to this virtual COM port.

If there's a time your program requires a serial port connection, the switcher easily senses the availability of a COM port that is not in use in the list of connected ports and presents it to the app. This implies that your program will interact automatically with free serial ports as though the ports were always unchanged.

Merging COM ports

Serial Port Emulator PRO's new advanced functionality allows you to add a limitless number of physical and virtual COM ports to only one serial bundle not separated into ‘IN' and "OUT' sides. All information sent to the port is replicated to every other real and virtual port within the bundle. This feature ensures that all applications or devices can exchange data with multiple applications or devices at the same time.

Compare STANDARD and PRO versions

# Feature Standard Pro
1 Possibility of creating a limitless number of pairs of virtual serial port
2 Emulates settings of real COM port as well as hardware control lines
3 Ability to split one COM port (virtual or physical) into multiple virtual ones
4 Merges a limitless number COM ports into a single virtual COM port
5 Creates complex port bundles
6 Capable of deleting ports that are already opened by other applications
7 Transfers data at high speed from/to a virtual serial port
8 Can forward serial traffic from a real port to a virtual port or another real port
9 Allows total baudrate emulation
10 Various null-modem schemes are available: loopback/ standard/ custom
OEM For Developers
An OEM License permits you to embed Serial Port Emulation technology into your own software or hardware products.

Common problem

Let’s imagine that you need to establish a serial connection between 2 applications. Usually, you will require two hardware COM ports connected with the null-modem cable, which is an unaffordable luxury nowadays, considering that current PCs have only one serial port or none at all. With COM Port Emulator you can forget about any additional hardware equipment since virtual RS232 ports do not require it at all.

How COM Port Emulator solves it

COM port Emulator is a unique piece of software, which can create an unlimited number of RS232 ports linked with the virtual null-modem cable. The virtual COM ports created with our software are indistinguishable from the real ones, and at the same time are much more efficient: the connection between the virtual COM ports is much faster than real null-modem cable connection and only depends on your processor performance.

Using Virtual Null Modem in real life

COM port emulation in Electronic Money Institution
S-money is the electronic money organization which issues electronic money directly to the end user, who interacts with it through various canals (the smartphones, web-sites, point of sale terminals).

Q: What difficulties forced you to look for such kind of software?

Armand dos Santos: Some of our customers were still using the obsolete POS terminals, so we had to search for the way to emulate serial port pairs to enable the communication between such devices and the S-money application. For us, it was crucial that the created virtual COM port Windows recognizes as the real one. Moreover, we were looking for a solution that could be integrated into our own software written in Java.

Q: How did you find out about COM Port Emulator by Eltima Software?

Armand dos Santos: The search query via Google has shown your solution, which eventually suited our use case the most.

Q: Have you tried any other software to achieve your goal before selecting Eltima’s solution? Could you please tell why you preferred our product?

Armand dos Santos: Of course, we checked a few other products but we failed to find one which could be easily and fully integrated into our own application. Besides, after conducting some tests we came to a conclusion that only COM Port Emulator meets our functional and quality requirements.

Q: Could you please elaborate more on how you use our product?

Armand dos Santos: We use your software to emulate RS232 ports connected in pairs with our custom application in order to enable serial communication between the legacy POS systems and our custom application.

Q: How did you benefit from using COM Port Emulator?

Armand dos Santos: Complete integration of your solution made it extremely easy for us to support thousands of our customers’ legacy cashier systems.
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