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RS-232 Communication Software
Virtual Serial Port Driver

Virtual Serial Port Driver is an outstanding solution, that will let you create any required amount of virtual COM ports and enable a serial port communication between them by linking these RS232 ports in pairs through a virtual null-modem cable. The operating system will treat the virtual COM ports as the real ones, since they imitate exactly the same settings, and are showed in the Windows Device Manager. What is more, the virtual COM ports created with our software become available at every start of the system, even prior to the actual user login.

Furthermore, if you would like to bring a virtual serial port programming to your custom written application, then you can use Virtual Serial Port Driver in the development of your own solution (SDK license).

Common issue

E.g., you might need to develop an application for some hardware that requires a connection with the production machine via the serial communication interface. However, your testing PC might not have any COM ports at all, so you would need to imitate the connection by making virtual RS232 ports and send/receive the data packets to/from it.

How serial port communication software solves it

Virtual Serial Port Driver provides an extensive API which can be used in the developing of your own piece of software. After integrating our solution into your application, it will be capable of creating any number of additional virtual COM ports in the system and will gain a full control over them. These virtual COM ports look and behave identically to the hardware serial ports.

Our RS232 communication software will become an ideal solution in case you are developing a software for Windows OS.
SDK For Developers
An SDK License permits you to embed Virtual Serial Port Driver technology into your own software or hardware products.

Virtual Serial Port Driver use in the Software development field

After 34 years of development of the consumer software, COMMSOFT was forced to sell its major product line to a competitor in 1997, what made Howard become a freelance software engineer. He has developed a software that helps beginning radio enthusiasts to manage their appliances from the personal computers.

Q: What circumstances made you look for that kind of software?

Howard Nurse: My radio application allows amateur radiomen to control their devices, enables contact logging, and provides various methods for communication with the remote stations. A wide range of developers offers extremely groundbreaking solutions for ham radio software market, making it surprisingly robust. Instead of copying already existing solutions, I required my software to be able to connect to other apps via the virtual null-modem cable.

Q: How did you find out about Virtual Serial Port ActiveX by Electronic Team?

Howard Nurse: I have dealt with Electronic Team before, and have been using their products for a few years back then: Electronic Team Serial Port ActiveX component is an important part of my other application. What is more, I was very satisfied with the provided technical support when I had some minor difficulties with Windows serial port programming and they pointed me in the right direction. Due to the previous positive experience, Electronic Team was my first choice when I required a new serial port solution.

Q: Have you tested any other products with the same functionality before picking Virtual Serial Port ActiveX? Why have you preferred our product over others?

Howard Nurse: Sure I did. The ActiveX component you were offering seemed to be an ideal solution for my needs. The price was a bit concerning for me, though. After all, after struggling for several days with other alternatives, which had either minor or serious deficiencies, and the developers were not interested in cooperating with me to fix them, I installed Virtual Serial Port ActiveX demo and had it functioning in several hours. All my hesitations were gone after that.

Q: Could you please tell how you are using our product today?

Howard Nurse: I have integrated the Virtual Serial Port ActiveX component into my app written in Visual Basic. The end user controls the app through a common GUI and connects to other applications through their serial drivers. Radio control requires a two-way serial data transfer, which can be established from my application or from any other on another side of the connection.

Q: Were there any benefits for you from using Virtual Serial Port ActiveX?

Howard Nurse: The clean and easy integration into my app allowed me to finish its development even before the planned date, which helped me to get ahead of several competitors.
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Virtual Serial Port Driver
Create virtual COM port pairs in Windows
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