Virtual Serial Port Driver
Create virtual COM ports like real ones

This utility is designed to create virtual COM port and pair them for serial communication. Virtual null modem ensures that information sent from one app in the pair is received by the other app immediately. Virtual COM port comes handy if your desktop or laptop does not have hardware ports – majority of modern computers do not; and even if your computer has one, it might not be sufficient. Besides, such ports help you get rid of cables and wires at your work place. Emulated and hardware ports have identical settings and behave in the same way. If you purchase an OEM license, you can integrate it into your own application.

Benefits offered by this serial port emulator

Simulate ports for serial communication

With sufficient hardware capacity, you can create as many ports as you wish. Emulated ports are listed in the Control panel app that displays all of your system hardware. To regulate access to your virtual ports, set up access rights.

Simulate settings

Recreate settings of physical ports so your virtual ports are no different from real ones - their behaviour won't be different either. Technologies used support WDM, PnP, WMI and Power Management, etc., as well as API COM and Windows messages.

Work with different signal lines

Virtual serial ports created with Virtual Serial Ports Driver emulate and support all standard hardware signal lines (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, DCD, etc.). As in real null modem connection, DTR of the local port is connected to DSR and DCD of the remote port, and RTS of the local port is connected to CTS of the remote port. Moreover, you can choose loopback pinout or create custom one depending on your hardware configuration.
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Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Full functionality

Any number of virtual serial ports pairs can be created
Virtual serial ports are absolutely the same copies of real ones - applications won't see the difference between real and virtual serial ports
Virtual serial ports can be controlled directly from your own application via Dynamic Link Library supplied with VSPD (for OEM License owners)
Link between virtual serial ports is much faster than real null-modem cable connection and solely depends on your processor speed (average transfer speed is about 5.5 Mbytes/sec)
Real serial ports are not occupied - you can even have no real ports in system at all
Possibility to create ports for the current user session only. Allows RDP users to create port with the same name (e.g. COM1) in each user session.
You can enable automatic update of ports’ list, thus you can see pairs created in other user sessions
Instantaneous ports creation lets working with them even before PnP manager detects the newly added ports
Strict baudrate emulation
Ports can be deleted even if they are open by other applications

What customers say

  • VSPD helps us performing tests on how Geographic Information System software connects with a virtual GPS. The virtual GPS emulates the output we would receive from a regular GPS navigator.
    Bjørn Krangnes

Overall rating 4.9
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Virtual Serial Port Driver for Windows
Demo version limitations
• 14-day fully-functional trial
System Requirements
Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): XP/2003/2008/ Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016
Latest Update
Version 9.0.567 (8th Aug, 2017) Release notes